Foster Volunteer Information

It normally takes up to 6 months to place a healthy, young dog.... some take longer; males and black dogs.   It will take
much longer for dog with medical and social issues, such as mill dogs and senior dogs, due to social and medical
rehabilitation.  Seniors normally stay in our care forever.

Will I become attached to my foster dog?

The biggest reason people hesitate to foster is because they become attached to their foster dog. This undoubtedly
will happen. However, the real payoff is meeting the new family who’s ready to provide a permanent, loving home for
the dog you’ve helped rescue. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you see your foster dog move
on to his new and better life. And, knowing you can now help another needy baby.

What is the cost involved?  The rescue will be responsible for the vet care for a dog that is placed in your home, by
the rescue director (details outlined in the foster contract).  It is typical for a foster home to pay for food, treats and toys
while the dog is in their foster care. (considered donations that are tax deductible)

What process is involved in becoming a foster parent?

Our foster program involves the same screening and approval process as new adoptive parents.

*  Application                        *  Home Visit
*  Phone Interview               *  Sign Foster Agreement
*  Reference Check            *  Get Foster Baby

Are there any specific requirements? (The following are preferred)

Fenced yard - A fenced yard is preferred for safety and sanity. It is very hard to supervise more than one dog at a time.
Most foster homes have more than one dog, some even have 3 or 4, including their own. These little guys can get
loose and run off, so a fence is for their safety. Not to mention how frustrating it can get leashing up several dogs and
monitor their potty time and play time. This can become very overwhelming and can discourage any foster parent. We
want to make sure we have long term foster homes.

Computer/Email -  we STRONGLY prefer email or facebook for communicate in rescue.  Most everyone in rescue
work full time jobs, has a house full of fosters, not to mention families to take care of before and after work.
Communicating via email and facebook is the most effective communication method.  

As a foster home you will be expected to communicate with applicants on the dogs behavior and personality, as well
as the initial applicant interview,  this is part of our adoption process.

Children – we can not guarantee the personality and behavior of our foster dogs. Some have been very abused and
neglected. And, many do not like children. Please keep this in mind if you have young/small children in the home.  It
will be your responsibility to mange the interaction with foster dogs and your child, ensuring the protection and safety
of both the child and the dog.  

If you would like to volunteer, please submit a foster application TODAY!
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We are forced to turn down dogs, every week,  because there are no
foster homes available. And, yes they die in most cases.

The principle behind fostering is to provide the dog with a temporary
home environment conducive to evaluating their health, habits and
behavior and to offer the new owner more information about the dog.
As a foster home, you will provide a temporary safe, loving environment where the
dog will be prepared for his new permanent home.  In most cased foster dogs will
be brought up to date on all needed, prior to going to foster car. You will work
closely with SSTR volunteers to help us evaluate the dog for any health or behavior
issues and teach the dog how to be a polite member of the family.

Your responsibilities include feeding, exercising, socializing, daily grooming,
reinforcing basic difficult time in the dog’s life. Rescue dogs can be very demanding
of time and attention. Many of these dogs have never been given any love or
obedience -- in fact, more often than not, it is quite the opposite. As a foster home,
you’ll make recommendations to help select the best adoptive family for your foster
dog (you know the dog best!)  and
help process their adoption application.
These little precious dogs were dumped with no regard to their well being.  
"Cant Afford",  "No time" and “Children” are the biggest reasons. Frequently
they acquire the dog as an adorable puppy and are unprepared for the
physical, psychological and emotional needs of an adolescent dog. Other
reasons include elderly person going in to assisted living (or death),  moving,
divorce, or an allergy to the dog.

The time you commit to fostering can be as little as a few hours a day to as much
time as you would like to spend with the dog.  You do not need to be home all day
in order to be a foster home. Many of our foster parents work regular full-time jobs.
Foster homes may sometimes handle vet visits for foster dog(s), meeting new
family and/or place dog on transport for home in north. Some dogs may have
“special needs” and may require medications, if you chose to foster a special
needs dog.

If you already have a dog or a few dogs, it adds no more time than you already
spend with your current pet(s)-  what's one more dog??
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