What is a Special Needs Furbaby?

A special needs dog is usually an elderly dog with normal geriatric medical conditions;
congestive heart failure, diabetes, renal failure, cataracts, dry eye, loss of sight and
hearing, among others.  A majority are the abused and neglected; broken limbs, injured
eyes, starvation, flea and tick infestation until near death, etc….

However, some are very young dogs, even puppies, with medical and behavior
conditions, usually due to poor breeding.

Most of these dogs are dumped at shelters, in very poor condition or near death.  People
aren’t interested in adopting a senior or special needs dog, usually because they fear
the unknown.   Shelters can’t afford to keep these dogs or treat them for their conditions,
they are "unadoptable" and put on kill list.  So the only HOPE these babies have is
CoCo - Eye Surgery
Sever Neglect,
kidney failure,
flea infested,
rotten teeth
< ---- >
Cruelty Case
Kobe - Epileptic/Seizures
We often hear people say,  "Why save a special needs dog when there are so
many healthy adoptable dogs in need of homes?  

If you could only experience the love of a special needs dog you would understand WHY we save these
babies.  Special needs dogs blossom into the most loving, devoted, loyal pets on the planet!  They
need a chance at life too!  Why should their life end in suffering pain and not knowing true love.

A special needs dog usually stays in Rescue for long periods of time, if not for the duration of their life.  
The initial cost of diagnosing their condition, puts a great strain on our funds, not to mention the
ongoing cost for their care, which includes medications, special food and follow up vet care.   IF we only
had a couple of special needs dogs, these cost wouldn’t be an issue, but we normally have 4-6 at a
Gracie - Neglect of eye
conditions... very treatable,
ongoing treatment needed
Greta - Nearly Starved to DEATH!  which
caused some short term med conditions.
Simon (peke) - Neglect of skin condition..
very treatable, 100% better in 3 weeks.
But needs ongoing treatment
Muffin - Puppy with kidney
failure. Ongoing treatment
How can YOU HELP?

Please consider opening your home and heart to a Special furbaby.  You can truly experience the
joy of giving a deserving furbaby a chance to complete their life in a loving home.  Yes, sometimes
if may only be for a couple of years, but “Isn’t it better to have loved, than to never love at all?”  

Would like to HELP, but can’t open your home to a Special furbaby?   Well you can still open your
HEART.  Our largest need right now is monetary donations for our vet bills and ongoing care for
these babies.

You can help us save special needs dogs by kindly donating to our efforts to save special needs
dogs by clicking on the
Chester - Neglect, starvation, tick
infested and broken back.  
Lady Gizmo - Diabetic
and has Cushings Disease
ongoing treatmen
Daisy -  Neglect of skin and eye
conditions... very treatable,
ongoing treatment needed
Moochie - Neglect of skin and eye conditions... very
treatable, ongoing treatment needed
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