Thank you very much for your interest in adopting a Southern Shih Tzu and Toy Breed Rescue dog.
We want every new home to understand this is a lifetime commitment to the dog, with enormous responsibilities
and awesome rewards.
 Our adoption process is very detailed,  if you are NOT ready to adopt or still "shopping around",
 please do not submit an application, until you are actually READY to adopt-
Southern Shih Tzu & Toy Breed Rescue

A successful adoption depends on selecting the right pet for your home and family; and making sure you understand and can meet the needs of the dog. Our adoption application, is one method we use to match great dogs to wonderful homes.  Making a perfect match is the key to happy and forever home :-)

What dog are you interested in adopting? (please give dog's NAME listed on website)

TRANSPORT/PICK UP INFO: Dogs are primarily located in central AL, due to lack of foster homes in the Northeast area - FOSTER LOCATION WAS LISTED ON PET BIO PAGE- We use professional pet transport services to PA, NJ, NY, and CT to transport dogs to your area every 2 weeks (cost is $150) ** NH and MA - we are NOT approved to transport to NH and MA due to quarantine state laws.

What are your plans to pick up your new furbaby? I wil pay transport fee to my area (NE)
I will drive to AL to pick up up in person
I live in the south and will pick up in person
Applicant(s) Name:
Street Address:(home dog will live)
City, State and Zip code
How long have you lived in this home?
Email Address:
List all contact phone numbers:
Place of employment and occupation:
Spouse/Partner Name:
Spouse/Partner place of employment and occupation:


Number of people living in your home?
List NAME, AGE AND RELATION of ALL people living in your home: (INCLUDING YOURSELF)

Our goal is to place dogs in loving, safe & secure homes, that will allow them to live out life in a FINAL FOREVER HOME. Are you prepared to make the commitment to this pet for the next 10 to 15 years?  A rescue dog has already been ABANDONED ONCE- Some situations to consider before adopting!!


What happens to your dog if something happens to you and/or your spouse? If you are an older applicant, have you considered adopting a dog 5+ yrs old?

Are you willing to have a family member to co-adopt this pet to ensure it will have a place to go if needed?  (DONT ASSUME THEY WILL TAKE YOUR DOG)

What happens to pet if you get a divorce?    What happens to pet if you move?    What happens to pet if you have a baby?

Dogs are surrendered weekly due to owners passing and life changes- Please have a plan for your beloved pet - PLEASE describe, in detail, what plan of action you have if your beloved pet becomes an orphan ??

Some of our tiny toy breeds are not suited for homes with small children, some have a history of being fearful of children, some are nervous with all the activity and some are just too tiny- Our goal is to place our dogs in a home that matches the home with the needs of the dog- 

If you don't already have children, are you planning on adding children to your home in the future? Yes
If YES, how would adding children to the family affect the living condition of the dog? How do you plan on handling issues and keeping both child and dog safe from harming each other?
Do you own, rent, or lease your home? Own
Live with someone
Type of dwelling: (house, apartment, condo, townhouse, mobile home...) House
Mobile Home
How would you describe your home environment? (check all that apply) Active and Busy
Calm and Quiet
Varies day to day
Have visitors frequently

Our goal is to place our dogs in a safe and secure home- We strongly prefer homes with fenced yards and in some cases require a fenced yard (in most cases with young children in the home).  We do consider ALL application and base this decision on each individual adoption :-)

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes
What type of fence: Wood (6 ft)
Wood (4 ft)
Chain Link
If you do not have a fence, how do you plan on allowing outside exercise time and potty breaks for your dog?
Do you have a pool? No
Yes, inground
Yes, above ground
If you have a pool, how do keep your plan on keeping your dog safe from falling in pool/drowning?
Have you adopted or applied to adopt a dog from another rescue? Yes
If yes, please list name and contact info of the rescue and the outcome of the application?


How many dogs have you owned in the past 10 years?
List CURRENT dogs owned: {Name - Breed - Age- Size - How long owned- live inside/outside} Dogs previously owned will be listed below-

ALL dogs in home MUST be spay/neutered, receive yearly vet care and on heartworm preventative- this will be confirmed with your vet.

Are all your current pets up to date on vaccinations, on heart worm preventative and spayed/neutered? Yes
If NOT, why?
List PREVIOUS dogs owned: {Name - Breed- Age- How long owned- Reason you no longer have dog- details REQUIRED; death/illness; lost; gave away; etc...}
Have you ever rehomed a pet or turned pet in to shelter? If so, why?
What is your least favorite thing about owning a pet?


Have you considered the expense of adding a new pet to your family? Basic vet care, food and grooming alone cost thousands of dollars per year. Toy breed dogs require dentals yearly and have health issues as they age, increasing the expenses.

Do you feel your family afford the expenses of adding a new dog? Yes
Will try to afford it
Why are you wanting to add a new pet to your family?
Who is wanting to add a new pet to family?
Are ALL family members in home wanting to add a new pet to the family? Yes
Who will be responsible for the day to day care of the new pet?
In most cases our dogs are house trained/pad trained - All dogs, even house train dogs will have to adjust to their new home/schedule and need to be re-house trained at your home. How do you plan to house train your new pet?

We listed all personality and behavior traits of dogs in their bio- HOWEVER, this is based on the dog living in our foster care, on our schedule, training methods, attention given and time we spend with the dog- this can and will change based on how YOU interact with the dog- Example- we do NOT crate, if you crate dog may or may not develop anixety - not sure we don't crate-

What will you do if your new pet develops the following: Separation Anxiety - Digging yard - Chewing items - Issues with current pets/children
How many hour will your new pet spend alone?
Where will your new pet spend time while you're not at home?
Where will your new pet sleep?
Under what circumstances would you consider giving up a dog? Moving
New Baby
Go back to school
Dog getting too old
Not getting along with other pets
Behavior issues
New spouse/partner does not like pets
Children lost interest
You develop health problems
House training problems
Lost job/Financial problems
If your new pet develops expensive medical problems, what would you do? Find a new home
Give back to rescue
Take to shelter
Pay whatever it takes to treat
Euthanize dog
As your new pet ages, he will develop vision issues, dental issues, heart conditions and frequent urination problems. How do you plan on handling these geriatric issues?
What methods do you when disciplining/correcting a dog?


Veterinarian Reference-  Please list veterinarian(s) you currently use or used in the past, so we can get a vet reference on your current and past dogs.  Please, call your vet(s) giving our rescue permission for a reference. 

Vet Name - City/State - Phone number -

Personal references- Please list 2 references that are not related to you. Please contact these references and give them permission to give us a reference.

Personal reference name(s) - City/State - Phone number -

ADOPTION FEE INFO: We have a very thorough screening process for our adoptions, including the following: Personal and vet reference check, home visit, adoption fee and a legal binding adoption contract. Adoption fee is $150-$300 (normally based on age), this is an attempt to recoup some of our vet care cost.

Are you willing to undergo a thorough screening process and pay our adoption fee? Yes

Vet Care - All dogs adopted are vet checked, up to date on all shots, dewormed, heartworm tested and/or on HW preventative, spayed/neutered and any other vet care recommended by the vet... dental, bloodwork, tumor removal, knee surgery, etc....  All known medical and behavior info is disclosed on each dog's bio page and vet records are sent to all new homes.

Adoption Contract  - We have a detailed  legal binding adoption contract- Please read the contract prior to adoption to ensure that we have a happy and easy adoption process-

I understand and agree to sign adoption contract? I agree
I disagree (do not submit an application)
By submitting this application you acknowledge all information provided to be true and complete. And, understand that falsifying answers on this application or at any other time during the adoptions process will disqualify you from adopting. I agree
I disagree
I authorize my landlord and veterinarian to release any and all information needed to a Toy Breed Rescue representative. Type your full name below to create an electronic signature.

Applications are approve by the SSTR Adoption Board. ALL adoptions will be approved to meet the needs of the dog. SSTR reserves the right to deny an application and terminate the adoption process at any time.

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Adoption Application
Due to the number of applications received, unfortunately we are unable to respond to all applicants.  All application are
 IF our adoption board feels your home matches the needs of the dog, you have applied to adopt, you will be notified
within 2 -3 days, that we are processing your application for adoptions.
  Thank you very much for your interested and
understanding.  Thank you for adoption and please continue your search
if your application is not matched with one of our dogs.
A 501c 3 Non-Profit charity organization located in Alabama,  dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and providing
sanctuary care for abandoned, abused and homeless toy breeds. Focusing on shelter dogs and breeder/mill dogs.