Adoption Process, Guidelines and Adoption Fee Information
First,  thank you so much for considering adoption.  We are in the business of SAVING Lives-  99% of our dogs are
rescued from puppy mills/breeders and southern KILL Shelters. Without, wonderful people willing to give these dogs
homes, we couldn't continue our rescue efforts...  the NEW home completes the "circle of rescue"

Please keep in mind our goal is to place our rescue dogs in a SAFE, responsible and loving "forever" home.  If you are in
hurry, please slow down! This is a lifetime decision and should not be made in haste. You need to make sure you
understand your responsibilities and what type of dog would be the best fit for your family and life style-  Our adoption
process takes time and does not happen the same day.  It takes time to check vet and personal references, and
schedule a home visit when needed.

Also... if your idea is to adopt a rescue dog, because you don't want to pay a full price, please stop here!!
Because that is not what rescue is all about. Rescue is about giving a dog a second chance (opening your heart and
home to a dog in need) and supporting ongoing rescue efforts.

Rescue dogs may or may not have issues to work through, we disclose any issues or medical problems on each dog's
bio page. They are often very scared and unsure of where they belong. However, rescue dogs have plenty of love,
affection and gratitude to give back.  And by adopting, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you saved a LIFE.

YES - we do Out-of-State adoptions. New Parents in the southern states are personally responsible for picking
up their new furbaby.   
A transport service is available to the northeastern states-   this is a paid transport and
the new home is responsible for the cost- paid directly to the transport service- cost $150-  WE DO NOT

Adoption Guidelines: (not all inclusive)

  • The person submitting the application, MUST be the person who is actually adopting.
  • The applicant must be willing to undergo reference checks and home visit.
  • All current pets must be spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and on heat worm preventative.
  • ALL current pets must reside INSIDE your home.
  • A fence yard is strongly preferred, however this is not always a requirement. It depends on the dogs needs, your outside
    environment and your lifestyle... our goal is the dogs safety!
  • Applicant must have stable work history and stable home history.
  • We do not adopt to breeders.
  • We do not adopt dogs a gifts.

We normally do NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 7 yrs- Please NOTE - we did NOT say
NEVER!  It depends on the dog, the family and the home environment.  
Small Toy breeds dogs are NOT suited to
toddler or young age children.  No matter how well-meaning the child, children cannot help being too "active" for toy
breeds. And that a child ”meant well”, is little solace to a toy breed dog, who has been accidentally stepped on, sat on,
rolled on, squeezed, or dropped onto the patio. A dog may feel that it needs to "protect" itself and respond by growling
and eventually snapping/nipping/biting. Most of our dogs are fine with children, the best we can tell,  but we're not 100%

"Adoption Fee" ranges from $150 - $300 and is NON-negotiable. This fee is an "attempt" to recover vet fees and
basic care cost for all our dogs.  All dogs have received the following vet care:  Exam, ALL vaccinations (age and health
appropriate), Heart worm Test, Dewormed, Spayed/neutered (age appropriate) and is currently on Heartworm/Flea
Preventative.   We also address any other medical issues, based on vet recommendation; geriatric blood work, dental
work, heart worm treatment, liver shunt surgery, hip surgery, eye surgery, etc...)   

The FIRST Step in our adoption process is submitting an online Adoption Application-  we will not move
forward without having an adoption application on hand.
Submitting an application is not a commitment to adopt,
nor does it mean you will be approved to adopt.


Applications are approve by the SSTR Board of Directors, ALL adoptions will be approved on the NEEDS of the dog.  Our
Process and Policies are NOT all inclusive.  

SSTR reserves the right to deny an application and terminate the adoption process at any time.
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(subject to change without notice)
SSTR is NOT a SHELTER!  We are an ALL volunteer rescue-   We are NOT funded by city, county or state funds.   
We do not handle city or county animal control contracts.
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Southern Shih Tzu & Toy Breed
Rescue and Sanctuary
A 501c 3 Non-Profit charity located in central Alabama and southern Louisiana,  dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and
providing sanctuary care for abandoned, abused and homeless toy breeds. Focusing on shelter dogs and breeder/mill dogs.