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Adoption Contract

This agreement is made this________ day of __________________in the year_________, by and between Southern Shih Tzu & Toy Breed
Rescue (SSTR), hereinafter referred to as "rescuer" and ________________________ hereinafter referred to as the "adopter." The adopter
hereby understands, promises, and agrees that in receipt of this dog to forever release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless rescuer
and by other related person, firm, or organization charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors,
successors, and assigns from any and all claims, damages, and costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action belonging
to the said adopter, arising out of any act or occurrence from the present time until the dog is returned to adopter pursuant to the paragraph
entitled “Transfer of Ownership” below, if any such return occurs, and particularity on account of the adoption of:

Name:        _________________      Adoption Number:       _________________        Gender:      ________________

Breed:        _________________      Color(s):        ________________________        Approx Age: _______________

hereinafter referred to as "this dog" or the "dog."  The adopter hereby declares that no representations about the nature of the adopted dog,
nor any representations regarding the nature and extent of legal liability or of financial responsibility have induced the adopter to sign this

Adoption Donation/Fee
In consideration of delivery of the dog from rescuer, adopter agrees to payment of a non-refundable fee in the amount of $________ and
further the adopter acknowledges the following provisions as defined:  The fee is not a sale price, but a fee request to defer or reimburse
rescuer for any and all medical expense or any other expenses incurred by the dog or rescuer; as well as, supporting the continued efforts in
rescue. Adoption fee may be submitted in cash or check. Check must be made payable to: SSTR -  

Spay/Neuter Agreement
This is a contract of MANDATORY Spay/Neuter as defined herein. No adopted animals shall be used for breeding purposes. If not already
altered, said dog must be spayed or neutered within fifteen (15) days of adoption or, by the time that the dog reaches six (6) mos. of age and
rescuer must receive a veterinary record confirming the spay or neuter.  There will be a follow up and the dog will be removed if the
spay/neuter clause is not respected.

Transfer of Ownership
The dog adopted from rescuer must be returned to rescuer if for any reason the adopter can no longer provide a safe, loving and responsible
home.  The dog shall NOT be sold, given to or adopted to anyone else, nor shall there be any transfer of ownership to any firm, corporation, or
organization of other homeless animals; such as another rescue facility, animal shelter or research facility. Violation of this agreement will
result in court costs and attorney fees payable by the adopter if necessary for rescuer to redeem the dog.  

The dog shall reside indoors only, in the adopter's home, and live as a family member and companion only. The dog will not be kept outdoors
or at any other time left alone outdoors while the adopter is not at home.  However, during the adopter’s absence the dog may be confined to a
room such as a bedroom/bathroom of adequate size preferably closed in by a baby gate. The adopter is not to expose the dog to harmful
objects, poisons, or other living creatures that may endanger the dog's life. The dog may not be crated for long periods, except for travel safety.

Adequate Fencing
The adopter shall provide an adequately fenced area for the dog’s exercise, play and elimination. The dog will NEVER be allowed off leash
except within adequate fencing. The adopter agrees that the definition of an adequate fence is a fence that encloses a yard. An adequate
fence is one that prevents the dog within to go out of the area by jumping, digging or exiting through gates not properly secured. The fence will
prevent any other animal from entering the property the dog lives on, and will be secure enough to prevent intruders or small children from
easily gaining entry. The adequate fence does not include a split rail, electric or invisible fence.  A shock or electric, collar is not acceptable.

If the dog should be able to jump over or dig under, the fence it is no longer an adequate fence and must be repaired by raising it to six (6) feet
or sealing any and all weak spots immediately. This decision on whether a home is adequately fenced will be made by rescuer, not by the
adopter. While the fence is not serving the purpose, the adopter shall not leave the dog unattended in the yard at any time.

Health Program
The dog shall be provided with complete healthcare; yearly routine care, emergency care and all other needs as recommended by licensed
veterinarian.  The dog shall remain on seasonal heartworm preventative for the entire lifespan of the dog.  Rescuer reserves the right to verify
with the adopter's veterinarian that the heartworm preventative has been purchased and that the dog has a yearly blood test for this purpose.  
The adult dog when adopted will be seen by a veterinarian within one week of the adoption date so the heartworm preventative can be
continued.  It is advisable to do the fecal test at that time to be certain the dog is free of parasites.  Rescuer reserves the right to check with the
veterinarian at any time to verify that all the basic health requirements needs are being met. Renewal of rabies vaccine is required by law and
therefore by the terms of this contract.

Important Notice Temperament and Health
Rescuer will disclose any and all known information, but makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to the health and/or
temperament of the dog. The dog is adopted "as is" and, so long as the dog has not been reclaimed by, or returned to, rescuer, the adopter
assumes all responsibility for treatment of any and all existing conditions or any other conditions of physical or temperament changes that
may occur. Rescuer will provide the dog with the basic vaccines, spay/neuter and heartworm test before adoption if the age and current health
of the dog permits. While the rescuer makes every effort to place only healthy animals, the rescuer cannot guarantee the health of any animal
and shall not be held responsible for any medical expenses which may be incurred, hereby expressly excluding any implied or express
warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, including, without limitation, any warranties regarding health, temperament
or whether the animal is housebroken.

Grooming must be maintained to breed standards at all times, preferably by a professional groomer, promoting good hygiene and health of
the dog.  Giving special attention to the eyes due to the common eye problems associated with toy breeds.

Collars and Tags
Identification tag, displaying complete contact information is required at all times. We also prefer the dog wear SSTR ID tag,  when provided
as a backup contact. The dog will NOT wear a pinch (cleat) collar, nor choke collar or any similar article around the neck for the purpose of any
basic training, any basic correcting, or for permanent use of identification. Harnesses and halters are acceptable alternatives.  

Under no circumstances will this dog be trained for protection, attack or guard dog. The dog will not be encouraged to show any aggressive or
agitated behavior. The dog will be a family member only and only participate in good citizen, basic obedience, search and rescue, therapy dog
training, or service dog training.  

The dog will not ride in the back of a pickup truck under any circumstances including those such as in a cage/kennel, or tied. The dog shall
not remain in any vehicle in extreme heat, with windows down or unattended for any amount of time.

Remedy For Non-compliance
It is agreed that rescuer shall retain superior title in said animal limited to and for the express purpose of assuring the animal's well-being
and only exercise its superior claim in the event it appears to rescuer that the proper and humane care as specified in the above adoption
provisions is not being afforded said animal, in which case the animal may be taken through a claim and delivery proceeding.  Rescuer
agrees to make demand on adopter for return of the dog, and upon agreement by adopter to return the dog at adopter’s expense, to allow for
a reasonable number of days for such return prior to commencing any legal action to enforce this contract; provided, however, that if demand
is made in person by rescuer or its authorized representative, adopter shall surrender the dog immediately.  The adopter further agrees that if
there is any breach or default of the terms of this contract, and the dog must be redeemed through a claim and delivery service, that the
adopter will be held liable for all court costs and fees for the adopter's attorney and for rescuer's attorney. This has been read to the adopter
and explained to the adopter. The adopter has read this, understands and agrees to this and is signing this contract.  Rescuer agrees that
return of the dog, on a voluntary basis or through such claim and delivery proceeding (together with the costs and fees of such proceeding as
provided in this section), shall be rescuer’s sole remedy for noncompliance with this agreement.

Rescuer's Reservation Of Rights
Rescuer reserves the right to follow up on this adoption to inspect the animal and where the animal is kept for the sole purpose of
determining compliance with the terms of the within contract by making a personal visit to the premises of the adopter at any time during the
entire lifespan of the dog. If the terms and conditions of this contract are not upheld by the adopter and/or any misrepresentations have been
made by the adopter, rescuer reserves the right to terminate this contract and the adopters will agree to allow a representative of rescuer to
reclaim the dog without notice, except as expressly provided herein, or refund.  Upon such reclamation, if any, adopter shall have no further
liability in connection with the dog or this contract.  The adopter further agrees to pay liquidated damages in the amount of fifty dollars per day
for every day after the adopter fails to comply with the agreement terms and refuses to willingly surrender the dog after demand from rescuer
as provided herein.  Rescuer's reservation of rights also includes not adopting a dog into, or relocating to, an area or environment that may
endanger the life of the dog after the adoption.  If the dog becomes lost, seriously injured, and/or permanently disfigured, or for any reason the
dog dies the rescuer must be notified immediately at the address provided on the signature page hereof or such other address delivered by
rescuer to adopter from time to time.

Adopter's Acknowledgment of Terms

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the above-described animal and therefore agree to the following terms:        

•        The dog will not be allowed off leash except within adequate fencing.
•        The dog will not be chained to a doghouse or chained outside to any type of object or outbuilding.
•        The dog is not to live in a garage, doghouse or any type of outbuilding.
•        While the adopter is at home, the dog is not to remain solely in one room, not to be confined to either the crate or a room and must
         have free roam of the house as a family member.
•        The dog is not to be left with small children at any time when unattended by an adult.
•        The dog is to have adequate food, water and shelter at all times.
•        The adopter must provide rescuer with the name of the veterinarian the dog is going to and notify rescuer if there is a change.
•        The adopter shall refrain from physical abuse of the animal and from otherwise treating the animal in an inhumane manner.

Change of Address and Notification
The adopter agrees to notify rescuer no less than ten (10) days prior to change of address, change of environment that will affect the dog, or
any incident involving animal control and/or complaints arising from said ownership of the dog.

Costs of Enforcement
Should it become necessary for us to take action to recover an adopted dog or otherwise enforce the provisions of the adoption contract
agreement, the undersigned adopter(s) will be responsible for all court costs and all attorney fees representing either the adopter or rescuer.  

This is a confidential agreement between the adopter and the rescuer; provided, however, that the existence and terms of this agreement may
be shared with veterinarians and others necessary or desirable in connection with the proper care of the dog and may be shared as
necessary or desirable in connection with the enforcement hereof.

Right of Ownership
The dog adopted from rescue is the "sole property" of rescue and has been surrendered as such by private owners or animal facilities that
have signed a statement agreeing that the above mentioned dog is not owned property of any other person, firm or organization. Rescuer
shall not be held liable, charged, or chargeable for any misrepresentations unknown to this rescuer.


I certify that I have read the adoption contract in its entirety and agree to the terms of the contract. I agree rescuer has the right to reclaim
possession of the above-described animal in the event that any statements made by me are found to be false and/or my check for the
adoption fee is returned for insufficient funds.

Dog Name and Breed:  ___________________________________________        Date:  ______________________________        

Adopter Signature(s): ___________________________________________________________________________________        

Adopter Printed Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________                 

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________            

Home/Cell Phone: _______________________________________   Email: ________________________________________          

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