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Unlike most rescues, in addition to the healthy dogs, we save what many consider unadoptable; due to age, medical issue
and socialization/behavior issues. SSTR provides them with a chance to live out their natural life span, either with a
new loving adoptive forever family, or through our Sanctuary Program. Providing sanctuary LIFE-LONG care for senior
and special need dogs has very high vet care cost -    donations are greatly needed at ALL times.  We spend THOUSANDS
of dollars a month on vet care needs

Remember we p
rovide life long vet care for up to 50-60 dogs at times (in multiple foster homes).  In addition
to their initial intake care; exam, vaccinations, deworm, spay/neuter, heart-worm test, we also provide the following, based on
the individual dogs needs: Dental
care - Heart worm treatment - Knee surgery - Tumor removal - Eye surgery - Back surgery -
Neck surgery - Liver shunt surgery -  Provide ongoing very expensive medications for; heart conditions, liver issues, diabetes,
seizures, etc....

We also have to provide monthly hearworm preventative and flea preventative-
PLEASE HELP us continue our Never Ending Rescue Efforts
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Found in a rural area of AL, they were in poor conditions without sufficient food and water. Living in outside kennel
sitting in the middle of yard with nothing to protect them for the weather, except a plastic dog house (no blankets,
hay or anything to keep body warm). As we all know this is not sufficient housing for any dog, much less a  toy breed
dog in freezing weather-  The dogs were horribly matted and wet, in the cold weather the wet mats would freeze-   
ALL dogs were underweight and require extensive vet care-  
Due to lack of foster homes, in addition to Extensive Vet Care, we had to board dogs
causing our vet bill to climb higher than expected
A small rescue with ... a Big Heart!!
We are considered more of a "boutique" type rescue; our goal is happy, healthy dogs and successful forever adoptions!
Specializing in mill/breeders, special needs and senior toy breeds- over 17 years of experience and counting......
Paw Prints: The True Story of a Three-Pawed Dog
by Steven F Freeman

Nicky a three pawed dog (adopted from Shih Tzu and Toy Breed Rescue) wants a forever
home but can't seem to find one. Follow his adventures as he encounters rescue workers,
foster families, and a collection of other dogs. The humans he meets are nice, but will he ever
find a loving home of his own?  
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A 501c 3 Non-Profit charity organization located in Alabama, dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and providing sanctuary care for
abandoned, abused and homeless toy breeds. Focusing on shelter dogs and breeder/mill dogs.
Southern Shih Tzu & Toy Breed
Rescue and Sanctuary